Dukane Radiator & Sheetmetal Solutions

Dukane Radiator & Sheetmetal Solutions, along with Reflective Edge Designs, are two operations that run together in Bethel Park, PA. Both companies are owned and operated by Jeffrey Druzak, President, Joshua Druzak, V.P., and Greg Wall, Sales & Operations Manager. jeff

Dukane Radiator & Sheetmetal Solutions specializes in manufacturing or re-manufacturing a number of parts and radiators used on Transit buses and trucks. Other skill sets include manufacturing items for companies that can use the precision cut of carbon and stainless steel, aluminum or plastic, to produce items quickly, accurately, and with lasting quality.

The newest addition to the equipment arsenal that this company manufactures with is a CNC 4,000 watt C02 laser that can cut with precision.

cl-7 laser

Reflective Edge Design, our DBA under Dukane Radiator, has two of the newest technologies in use featuring an etching laser and a UV LED colored printer. The focus for this company is to bring both companies together to offer products that are personalized and professional and are only limited to your imagination. We want to allow people the opportunity to create memorials that can last a lifetime using products that are uniquely specialized by you, for you, to make things that come from the heart and form lasting reflections produced by cutting edge technologies.

These aren’t typically two types of companies that would come together, but with this blend we believe we can present you, our customers, with the opportunity to offer products and designs that can’t be matched anywhere else, including foreign imports.

Cooling Products

Mass Transit Products

For over 30 years, Dukane has been supplying and repairing radiators, charge air coolers, transmission coolers, and other products for the mass transit industry.

Pressure Washing


Our thorough repair process ensures that your tank or cooler will be returned to good-as-new condition. Give us a call or stop in to get a quote.

Aluminum Surge Tank

Industrial Custom Fabrications

If you need a replacement product or want to start from scratch, we will fabricate a product to fit your needs.